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With Great Wealth Comes Great Divorce Complication

As you acquire wealth, one of the first things you notice is that everything becomes a bit more complicated. Making new personal connections, taxes and buying a home all now come with new, surprising difficulties you didn’t expect. Divorce, however, will be an even greater complication than you expect.

At Jeff Gilbert Law Office, our attorneys have decades of experience with family law in Texas. We provide our skills to people in Angleton and across Brazoria County. We’re communicative and thorough, answering all your questions and taking on the stress and difficulties of your high-asset divorce.

What Makes High-Asset Divorce More Difficult?

Divorce is very similar from person to person. However, high wealth often means the following problems will be a major piece of the discussion:

Additionally, you’ll also go through the classic concerns of child custody and support issues. There may even be a spousal support agreement – although, under Texas law, that can be very limited.

Perspective And Experience On Unique Divorce Issues

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