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High-Asset Property Division Complications

If you own significant assets, when you divorce, those assets will undergo the division process. In Texas, the law divides the marital estate equally between both sides in a divorce. And when your properties represent significant wealth, that can be a major problem.

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It’s Hard To Divide Complex Assets

Complex assets are considered for two reasons: either they have a difficult-to-define value, or they are extremely complicated to divide. Generally speaking, complex assets include:

  • Businesses
  • Investment portfolios
  • Retirement accounts
  • Real estate

These assets carry definite real-world value, but those values are at the mercy of market forces. Finding the real value of a small business is difficult because a business’s market value can change vastly at the slightest headwind. The same can be said for any investment or piece of real estate.

Any asset you acquire during your marriage becomes a part of the marital estate. As we mentioned above, that will mean equal distribution. However, any asset you contribute to or any asset you mix in with your marital property that began as separate property will have to undergo some division.

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