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Our Clients Share Their Experiences
  • Great work by Jeff & Associates
    I hired Jeff and Steve to help me with my first criminal lawsuit case. They were both absolutely amazing. Responded back in a very promptly manner, and answered any questions I had throughout the process. They told me what would happen, and it got done. Steve Boman, was at every court date with me and was so helpful. Darla was also wonderful with helping answer any question I had. I would definitely recommend looking into this firm before you look elsewhere.

    - Drake

  • Exceptional! 10 stars!!
    Words can not provide the amount of appreciation I have for Mr. Gilbert. He and Darla spearheaded my case and I could not asked for a better outcome. Their representation was priceless. They are here to help the everyday person navigate through the entire process of the unexplainable law system in America. My case was completely dismissed. So grateful for the professionalism and assistance.

    - Jay

  • Lawyer of Integrity
    Jeff Gilbert and/or his staff were available to answer questions. They were able to assist in dismissing the charge. I would definitely recommend this law office.

    - Former Client

  • A Positive Feedback with my experience
    Jeff Gilbert has represented me twice and both times i had positive results. He has help me with my troubles and helped me get back on track, Him and his legal assistant Darla Brown we very helpful and always staying in good communication with me and my family.
    I highly recommend his representation to anyone

    - anonymous

  • Best outcome
    Stood by me for the best possible outcome. Always willing to listen. Saved my job and would highly recommend.

    - anonymous

  • Second Probation Violation w/ MTAG
    I retained Jeff to represent me in a criminal case and it was the best thing I could of done. He's extremely knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything about my case and all of the possible outcomes. If ever I had a question or concern, He or Darla (who is incredible herself) always had the time to address them. The outcome to my case was better than I could of ever expected thanks to Jeff's expertise and solid advice. I would encourage anyone who needs excellent representation for a criminal charge to contact and speak with Jeff. If I ever need anyone to represent me in the future it will definitely be Mr. Gilbert.

    - Karan

  • 100% recommend
    I am so thankful for the help of Jeff Gilbert and his entire firm. I got a DWI and his associate, Steve Boman, was at every court date with me and was so helpful. Darla was also wonderful with helping answer any question I had. I would 100% recommend. I was able to get into a certain program and ended up with my case dismissed. Thank you Jeff, Steve and Darla!

    - Brittany P.

  • Exceed my expectations
    This Law office worked with me at every stage and defended my rights according to the law to exceed my expectations. Highly recommended.

    - Farooq K.

  • Very respectful and professional
    Rachel acted on my behalf for my divorce and child custody matter and went above and beyond. Everyone in the office was very respectful and professional, if I had a question and they didn’t have the answer they found out. I would definitely recommend this office.

    - Alyson B.

  • Protected, safe, and seen
    Rachel Aguilar is the best possible choice for a potentially high-conflict divorce, because she will ensure that you are protected, safe, and seen, throughout the entire process. She understands the tactics that a manipulative spouse may use to intimidate you into complying with their outlandish demands, and ensures that you receive exactly what you need to not only survive when it’s over – but thrive. Her team keeps you posted on all the updates to your case, and are always available for phone calls. She is very knowledgeable about the Brazoria County system and knows how to bring about a timely resolution so that you are not buried in debt, court dates, and paperwork. She successfully sought to protect me in a domestic abuse situation, and didn’t attempt to financially exploit the situation, but rather worked very hard to get me out and get me free. I highly recommend her to anyone leaving an abusive spouse.

    - Janet K.

  • Professional, courteous, sympathetic
    Mr. Gilbert was professional, courteous, sympathetic yet truthful. I highly recommend his law firm for any and all you legal matters.

    - Paris P.

  • Phenomenal
    Mr. Gilbert and his staff are phenomenal. I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of a criminal defense attorney. He and his staff handled my case quickly with better results than I ever imagined.

    - Derrik W.

  • Very understanding
    They were very understanding about my situation. The team was just as great as well!

    - Isaac S.

  • Absolutely amazing
    I hired Jeff and Steve to help me with my first criminal lawsuit case. They were both absolutely amazing. Responded back in a very promptly manner, and answered any questions I had throughout the process. They told me what would happen, and it got done. I would definitely recommend looking into this firm before you look elsewhere.

    - Anonymous

  • Completely informed and relieved
    In the initial consultation regarding my divorce, Rachel Aguilar answered honestly, thoroughly and professionally all my questions, even ones where the answers were not very positive. I left her office completely informed and relieved with the new knowledge. Rachel even told me what documents I needed to fill out, where to find them and where to submit them. Then after doing all that; weeks later she looked over the final divorce decree for any issues and emailed me back in less than ten minutes after I sent it to her. Wow; best lawyer I have ever dealt with.

    - Nathan M.

  • Care and compassion
    Mrs. Eaves did a wonderful job on two estate cases for me and my family with one being rather complicated. She did this with care and compassion and great attention to detail. We were extremely satisfied and highly recommend her for all your will and estate matters.

    - Tom G.

  • Representation was priceless
    Words can not provide the amount of appreciation I have for Mr. Gilbert. He and Darla spearheaded my case and I could not asked for a better outcome. Their representation was priceless. They are here to help the everyday person navigate through the entire process of the unexplainable law system in America. My case was completely dismissed. So grateful for the professionalism and assistance.

    - Julian H.

  • Amazing team
    Jeff Gilbert is an amazing lawyer. He has an amazing team that is very skilled in all areas of law not just divorce. They work very hard to make sure you get the best possible outcome in your case.

    - Bill R.

  • I am forever grateful
    I worked with Dennisse Rivera-Eaves for Estate Planning. I can't sing her praises louder. There aren't sufficient words for the level of professionalism and ease of accomplishing the task at hand. As with the nature of most businesses, I tend to enter any new territory with hesitancy. I did not feel as though she felt her time with me was an inconvenience, and I have the utmost confidence in her ability to legally execute the documents so my loved one will be protected by the legal system when the time to move on comes. She was able to consult with me and begin the process for full estate planning from starting with a consultation to complete finalization including drafting a Last Will and Testament, Medical and Statutory POA and well as a few other necessary legal documents in less than a week. This also included her traveling to a hospital and document the grantor was of sound mind as well as a video recording of the entire signing ceremony in the event his will is ever contested in a court of law. Time was an unfortunate factor in our case due to other family attempting to gain what is not rightfully theirs, but she was more than flexible. I felt I could be fully honest and we spoke as though we had known each other for years. She treated my loved one with respect rather than an elderly person on hospice. He trusts her as well. She will continue to receive referrals on my behalf as more and more of my generation will be facing what I am now. She really has a heart of gold and was honest in my future endeavors to seek legal council regarding new found information of my loved ones siblings and discrepancies of asset distribution and how to correct it. Although probate litigation is not her specialty, she was kind enough to take her own time to point me in the direction. Our entire process from start to finish was about a week. She fully understood if we couldn't get this fully completed, he and all subsequent heirs would lose something passed down through 5 generations of blood and would be handed down again to the 6th and 7th given the correct legal documentation. She was able to help preserve our deep rooted connection to the land where a town was founded and still functions all these years later. We stood to lose the small grip we had. It's hard enough to face saying goodbye to a loved one. It's even harder to try to be there as they cross the bridge and try to maintain a balance as you round up another person's entire life affairs. Then sprinkle a ton of back stabbing by siblings and other family while they foam at the mouth so they can contest a will and get what they want. It's been heartbreaking. Dennisse and her love for protecting those that can't protect themselves did so much more than draw up some legal documents for me and all future generations here and those that will come. She helped us keep our heritage. I am forever grateful for her blatant honesty and moral business practices.

    - Sara S.

  • Highly recommend them
    Jeff Gilbert and his firm helped me to navigate through a personal legal challenge. I couldn't have been more pleased with the outcome they achieved on my behalf, and how they kept me informed thru every step of the process, so that there were no unexpected/unpleasant surprises. I highly recommend them, if you find yourself in need of legal services, or representation. Thank you, Jeff and Steve Boman.

    - Mike F.

  • Always honest, upfront and helpful!
    I am very greateful for the service I received from (Jeffrey Gilbert ). He helped me tremendously with my case and kept me updated throughout the process until everything was taken care of. He made me feel at ease during the whole process. He will get great results for you and makes it extremely convenient to work with while he works hard for you. Attorney (Jeffrey Gilbert ) is a great attorney. Always honest, upfront and helpful. I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of a great, friendly lawyer and to get the job done. God bless you and your team and family MR Gilbert.

    - Wilson H.

  • Honor and Integrity
    The law firm of Jeff Gilbert was extremely candid, professional and compliant in all respects with the initial discussion, performance and result. They continually kept me fully apprised and I was impressed not only with their service, but with their integrity and respectful approach to the issue. Thank you
    Spring, TX
  • Super Lawyer
    Highly recommend this firm. This was not my first family law issue, but was the most productive, and successful due to the experience and professionalism of Mr. Gilbert and his staff. They will defend you and do everything in their power to bring resolutions to very emotional issues. Thanks to Mr. Gilbert and his staff for everything.!!!! James

    - James W

    Pearland, TX
  • We were so fortunate to have found this law firm
    We Believe! That is in the Law Offices of Jeff Gilbert in Angleton, Texas. In this family’s opinion, we are convinced that we could not have landed up with a better law firm to represent us in our case. The firm knows the law, the legal system in place in Brazoria and the surrounding counties. They schedule an initial interview and do an in depth discussion on your issues explaining exactly where you stand, what you can expect and the best way to proceed from this point in time. They explain the do’s and don’ts and the ramifications of each action. There were no false promises. Very importantly, they know how and when to proceed on your issue. The law firm staff was always courteous, pleasant and easy to work with. They are very good at assisting you with your input to the case information needed which made it a whole lot easier. They were always glad to hear from you when you wanted to know how things were proceeding or needed some advice. We were so fortunate to have found this law firm. We feel we could not have been represented any better and were very pleased with the outcome. When it comes to law firms, you hear this and that but when it comes right down to it, you have to decide who is best for you. It could very well be in your best interest to at least come in for an initial interview. There was no pressure to choose them but we are thankful we did. Best of luck to you that need help.

    - Mary

  • What a great team
    Rachel and the entire team at Jeff Gilbert Law are AMAZING. Divorce is a tough time in anyone's life but the team here make it as painless as possible. I was living 4 hours away and they stood in and up for me in so many ways. They ALWAYS made things happen just the way they PROMISED me. I hope I never need another family law attorney but you can bet that if I do I will call this great team first. If you are wondering "Is this the team for me?" Rest assured you will be very pleased at their outcomes. Are you far away? No worries they work with you on scheduling. Let me just take a brief moment to thank Rachel, and the entire team for a job well done. Sincerely Mike Allison

    - Michael Allison

    Longview, TX
  • Rachel is amazinggggg!
    I was highly satisfied with Mrs. Rachel and the Gilbert Law staff! I went to them when I was in a crisis and they were able to get me in on the same day I called. Rachel patiently guided me as I was in unfamiliar territory of the judicial system. Every time I called with a question the staff was either able to help me or Rachel helped me directly. Rachel goes above and beyond to ensure that facts are brought out in the courtroom; she cared about my case and she is an intelligent lawyer that wins cases. 

    - Alex Robinson

    Angleton, TX
  • Rachel is great!
    Rachel Aquilar is a wonderful attorney. Very responsive, professional and knowledgeable. We recommend her and would certainly use her services again if the need were to arise.

    - Kim & Chris

    Murphy, TX
  • Rachel is top notch!
    Rachel and Jeff both worked on my case; however Rachel took the lead. Her performance in court against much more seasoned attorneys was outstanding. Jeff's behind the scene advice and direction helped to keep things on track. Both Jeff and Rachel's approach were to be honest and upfront about the likelihood of outcomes and in clarifying the law. Definitely recommend this firm!

    - Wayne

    Katy, TX
  • This law firm is very informative and up front with you before you ever get started
    Rachel told me exactly how my case would go and what to expect very straight forward and up front

    - Michael

    Sweeny, TX
  • "Get it done kinda lawyer"
    From beginning to end Rachel Aguilar was amazing. We needed someone we could trust and be forth right with us while getting the job done effectively and at a good cost. She did just that and more! Her team was always willing to help us and were professional yet caring. Rachel would also inform us every step of the way, which was a priority for us, knowing she was working on our case. If she thought something could not be done, she was upfront, honest and to the point, but allowed us to make the decision to proceed or not. We are thankful for using Rachel Aguilar to represent us and will use her again if that time ever comes. We also HIGHLY recommend her to anyone needing to be represented.

    - Antonio and Jocelyn Nieves

    Lake Jackson, TX
  • Satisfied client
    Very knowledgeable and proactive with many resources at hand, including positive relationships with their colleagues

    - Dustin

    Granite Falls, MN
  • A good lawyer knows the law; a great lawyer knows the judge
    Jeffery Gilbert’s staff are phenomenal. Rachel handled our case. I didn’t know anything about family law. However, Rachel made sure I understood everything and what to expect. She was very pleasant to work with. She didn’t treat me and my family like a client, we actually felt like family. She stood for and with us from beginning to end. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone in need. Thanks for standing and fighting for us.

    - Blessed

    Manvel, TX
  • A man you can trust.
    Jeff did an outstanding job for me. In the beginning he told me how he thought the case would go and be resolved. He did go toe to toe with the DA and got what I wanted. I was very happy with the results.

    - Larry

    Angleton, TX
  • Take it from a lawyer....the best way to find a very good lawyer is from another lawyer. Jeff and Rachel are very good lawyers!
    I am an attorney at a Fortune 500 company based in Dallas, Tx. Previosly i worked as an attorney in Houston for ConocoPhillips. My current job includes representing the company in trial matters throughout our nation with an emphasis in Texas. When I recently needed to hire a lawyer in Brazoria County for an important case, I hired Jeff Gilbert and his associate Rachel Aguilar because after asking around in the Houston, Texas area, several prominent attorneys told me the best firm in Brazoria County was Jeff Gilbert’s firm as the firm was well respected by the local judges, the attorneys were smart, quick on their feet, got results and were tough. Jeff and Rachel I can say without hesitation were clearly all those things. Take it from a lawyer....the best way to find a very good lawyer is from another lawyer. Jeff and Rachel are very good lawyers and I recommend them without any reservation!

    - Jefferson Rees

    Dallas, TX
  • Don't Settle For Less
    Best in the business! During our child custody case, that lasted 3 years, we worked along side Jeff and Rachel. When it seemed like the odds were against us, Rachel was always there to guide us every step of the way. Rachel always made us feel that she was in our corner, not just because she was our attorney, but because she truly cared about my family's best interest. She worked relentlessly and it paid off. We trust Rachel and the Jeff Gilbert Law Office Team just like we trust a Friend. Thank you for your patience, your kindness and your knowledge!

    - Ruby

    Pearland, TX
  • The only man who I could turn to for clear, concise, and expedited resolution was Jeffrey R. Gilbert. He knows the judicial process, he knows the law, and most importantly he knows how to obtains results for all of his clients.

    - Matthew

  • He told me up front how he thought my case would go and was very straightforward with me. I was very blessed to have him as my lawyer.

    - Calvin

  • Jeff communicated clearly and kept me informed at all times. As I am a resident in the UK and my son had the problem in Texas, this was extremely important. He is confidently competent, and I would certainly use him again. Although, I hope I never have to.

    - Jean

  • I was charged with an offense with a possible sentence of 25 years to life. I am able to spend this Thanksgiving and Christmas with my loving family and children this year because of the help I received.

    - Tom

  • I was very informed of what was going on through the entire [divorce]. All e-mails were answered promptly. This worked very well, reducing the time I had to spend in Angleton.

    - Jimmy

  • Jeff did a fantastic job for me. Jeff involved me in every step of the process from the beginning of the [divorce] case . . . He helped me understand the emotional aspects of what I was going through. This perspective was very important to me in that it led to my getting the best possible outcome.

    - Todd

  • Jeff Gilbert was personable, kind, and professional while handling my divorce. He was successful in mediating a fair and equitable settlement in a timely manner.

    - Trish