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A Different Approach To Settling Disputes

Dealing with disputes can be difficult and overwhelming. At Jeff Gilbert Law Office, our team has more than 21 years of combined courtroom experience in litigation. Whether you are looking to settle matters out of court, or want to seek out a more amicable way to negotiate a divorce settlement, our litigation and family mediation lawyers in Brazoria County are committed to providing you with the help you need.

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Civil And Family Mediation In Texas

Our Brazoria County litigation and family mediation lawyers understand the value of alternative dispute resolution. Mediation provides many advantages over traditional litigation. In mediation, the ultimate decision remains in your control, the process is often more cost-effective, and it frequently allows for a quicker resolution.

As a licensed mediator, Jeff has completed the necessary mediation training to be qualified as a family law mediator. He has also mediated a wide range of other disputes, including probate matters.

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