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Families matter in Texas, but legal trouble can fracture that unit. This is why we navigate challenges with you, ensuring a juvenile drug charge, weapons offense, divorce, or child custody dispute doesn’t damage your family any more than is necessary. You will not face this challenge alone. We'll be there for you and your family.

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Jeff Gilbert

Jeff Gilbert

Firm founder Jeff Gilbert represents juveniles and adults in matters of criminal law, family law, and civil litigation.

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Rachel Aguilar

Rachel Aguilar

Family law attorney Rachel Aguilar focuses on divorce, child support, child visitation and access, and spousal support.

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We meet people during a crisis, hold their hands, and navigate to better outcomes.

- Jeff Gilbert

What our clients say

Southeast Texas Family Lawyers Getting You Through Difficult Days. 


The attorneys at Jeff Gilbert Law Office treat all clients with the respect and compassion they deserve. We may not become your best friends, but we attempt to deliver the best outcomes possible for our clients. We take a direct approach to your problems and explain the process, not always telling you what you want to hear—but need to hear in order to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

When faced with a problem such as a drug possession charge or drunk driving arrest, Jeff has your back.

As a former Harris County District Attorney’s office prosecutor, judge, and proven trial lawyer, Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge to defending clients through some of the most traumatic times of their lives.

“There will be days you love me and days you hate me. But you will always get the truth from me.”

- Jeff Gilbert

Notable Cases

Assault Family Violence - Choking - Case Dismissed

Husband and Wife having marital difficulty resulting in an argument over how and when to end their relationship.  This argument was not reported to police until 5 days after the incident when it was reported as an assault family violence by choking (a felony).  Multiple Statements were given to law enforcement officer by family members of the complainant wife to corroborate her claims.  The husband never denied arguing with his wife.  He always denied choking her and would not admit to the offense.  Mr. Gilbert arranged to have the complaining witness meet with the staff from the district attorneys office where she then filed an affidavit requesting charges be dropped and denied the incident as originally alleged.  After many months to confirm there were no further incidents between the couple and after confirming the victim wished the charges to be dropped, they were.  Despite being offered a misdemeanor probation, the client was steadfast in his claims of innocence and came to court on multiple occasions hoping that the charges would be dismissed.  After listening to Mr. Gilbert and his insistence that if he were patient a good result would be forthcoming, it was.  Case dismissed. [Note: Client and his now ex-wife get along well as ex spouses]


AFV Choking - Felony dismissed

Possession of Marijuana - Case Dismissed

Mr. Gilbert represented an 18 year old client with no criminal history who saw friends parked in an apartment parking lot.  The client went to visit them and sat in the back seat of their car.  Shortly after the client arrived, a police officer approached the vehicle under the pretense of smelling marijuana coming from the car.  The driver, front seat passenger and client were all arrested for possession of marijuana.  Mr. Gilbert worked with the client to encourage him to go to trial on the case.  Despite having had the option to have the case reduced to a fine only offense, the client followed Mr. Gilbert's advice and the case was set for trial.  On the day of the trial, Mr. Gilbert was able to secure a dismissal for the client.


Case dismissed against client who was one of three passengers in a vehicle where marijuana was found

Aggravated Assault Deadly Weapon - Case Dismissed

Mr. Gilbert presented evidence to the District Attorney's Office and facilitated communication between the complaining witness and the District Attorney's Office resulting in the case being dismissed.  Mr. Gilbert's Client and the family member agreed to counseling at the suggestion of Mr. Gilbert which showed the Assistant District Attorney that this was an not only an out of the ordinary and out of character situation, but that the two individuals involved were surprised at the severity of the matter.  The client, by working with Mr. Gilbert, agreed to anger management and counseling. After a sufficient length of time had passed to convince the prosecutor that this was indeed an extraordinary incident.  The case was dismissed.


Aggravated Assault Deadly Weapon case against a Family Member Dismissed

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