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Retirement Investments And Divorce

You work hard on your investment portfolio. Your retirement account is built on your excellent performance at work. Like other assets, investments will be examined and determined as to whether they are part of the marital estate and, if so, how they would be divided.

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How The Marital Estate Works In Texas

With certain exceptions, the assets you accumulate as a married couple are considered as part of the marital estate. Depending on the existence of any possible prenuptial agreements and factors such as how an asset was acquired or handled during the marriage, the marital estate can include:

  • Income
  • Savings accounts
  • Properties
  • Businesses
  • Investments
  • Retirement accounts

Investments and retirement accounts are possibly the most complex of these items to go through division. In the sense of an investment account, even if it predates your marriage, contributions and to, and gains from those contributions, are divisible under the law.

Employer-provided retirement accounts are likewise divisible, and this can take a court order to achieve. Dividing these accounts is not only difficult, but it is also frustrating to you, who may have worked so hard for so long on these assets.

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