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Aggressive Defense For Drug And Controlled Substance Possession

In cases involving the sale, distribution and delivery of controlled substances, the odds are stacked against the defendant. The state has seemingly unlimited resources, and prosecutors are swift and aggressive as they seek convictions. You need a strong, effective Brazoria County drug charge attorney on your side to protect your rights and defend your freedom.

A single action can affect your life negatively for many years to come. If you have been charged with marijuana possession, illegal possession of prescription drugs or another drug-related charge, you need a strong and effective defense effort.

Jeff Gilbert is a former Harris County prosecutor who now defends the rights and freedom of people accused of all types of drug charges involving:

  • Marijuana possession
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Illegal possession of prescription drugs
  • Cocaine possession
  • Possession and sale of controlled substances
  • Juveniles charged with drug crimes
  • And other drug charges

Any person can end up facing prescription drug charges, including those who have a prescription for a specific type of medication. At a stop, someone can easily be charged with a crime if a prescription is not in the appropriately labeled bottle. Likewise, people who are illegally selling prescription drugs can face serious consequences.

Jeff Gilbert Law Office also defends clients accused of more serious drug charges, such as possession with intent to distribute and drug trafficking.

Defending Against Possession Charges

Some drug possession charges are based on evidence obtained through questionable means. The police, for example, may not have probable cause to stop a vehicle and conduct a search. The chain of evidence may be weak. When marijuana is found in a car or house with multiple occupants, whose marijuana is it?

Our team will carefully examine the facts in your case. Having handled a large number of prescription drug and marijuana possession cases in his career, he understands the law as it involves search and seizure and other evidentiary issues. If it appears possible to overcome the charge, he will aggressively defend you.

Avoiding A Conviction And Criminal Record

In some cases involving marijuana possession and other drug charges, it may be possible to obtain a deferred prosecution – which leaves the case open pending your successful completion of a probationary period, at which time the case is dropped. In this outcome, an expunction that completely clears your record is an option.

You may also be eligible for a deferred adjudication, which provides a similar probationary period, though this does stay on your record. You may, however, be able to obtain a petition for nondisclosure preventing disclosure of the event to people outside the justice system following a sufficient lapse of time. Not everyone is eligible for these outcomes. If you are eligible, our firm can work with the prosecutor and judge on your behalf.

Attorney Jeff Gilbert believes every person accused of a crime deserves the strongest defense possible. Set up a consultation to build yours today.

Methamphetamine Charges Could Hurt Your Future

The penalties for meth manufacturing in Texas are extremely severe. In addition to huge fines, asset seizure and significant jail or prison time, a conviction could affect your future employment or education opportunities and even your child custody determinations. It is extremely important to talk to a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible following an investigation or formal charges.

If you have been charged with meth manufacturing – whether in your home, in a meth lab or in another location – talk to a criminal defense lawyer before saying anything to the authorities. Anything you say can and will be used against you.

How An Attorney Can Help You Fight Drug Charges

If you have been charged with a drug crime, it is important to remember that there may be solid defense options available. Illegal search and seizure is often an issue in meth manufacturing cases. If your home or other property was illegally searched by the police, any evidence they obtained may not be admissible in court. Other nuances in your case may reveal solid criminal defense options. This is why it is important to talk to an attorney as early as possible in the development of your case.

Extensive Legal Experience With Drug-Related Crimes

Our firm has handled numerous drug cases in Brazoria County, Harris County and elsewhere in Texas. Founding attorney Jeff Gilbert is a former prosecutor and special judge in Harris County who now defends people charged with drug offenses and other crimes. Jeff will undertake an aggressive effort to defend clients’ rights and freedom.

Our firm defends people accused of drug charges such as:

  • Possession with intent to distribute
  • Conspiracy to distribute
  • Meth manufacturing
  • Possession of marijuana, cocaine and prescription drugs
  • And other drug charges

Pursuing Every Possible Avenue

Drug cases often hinge on search and seizure and other evidentiary issues. Our firm will carefully review the evidence in your case, making special investigations of our own when helpful to your case.

Jeff Gilbert has a comprehensive understanding of the law as it relates to search and seizure issues, the use of informants, controlled buys and other aspects of drug cases. Whenever possible, he will seek to suppress evidence that was improperly obtained and use appropriate procedural motions to strengthen your case.

You will have the confidence to know that an experienced and determined defense advocate is doing everything possible to defend your rights and freedom. Call us today at 979-431-1268.