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Angleton Divorce Attorney

Fighting for You During Your Divorce

Divorcing coupleWhen beginning the divorce process, it is important to put your emotions aside as much as you are able. Rather than dwelling on the past, focusing on your future will help you to achieve your goals. At Jeff Gilbert Law Office, we provide sound advice and assertive representation to clients in divorce and related matters across Southeast Texas. Our Angleton divorce attorneys help clients make the right decisions for them so they can move forward in their lives with confidence.

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We represent clients in all aspects of divorce, including the following:

Texas Residency Requirements for Divorce

To file for divorce in Texas, you must first meet a residency requirement. The requirement states that:

  • Either you or your spouse must be a Texas resident for the six months prior to filing for divorce
  • You must have lived in the county where your divorce is being filed for at least 90 days prior to filing

After you meet this requirement, you can then proceed to file either a fault or a no-fault divorce. If you try to file without having met the residency requirement, your case may be delayed or dismissed entirely.

Compassionate & Assertive Representation

Attorneys Jeff Gilbert and Rachel Aguilar are prepared to work closely with you throughout the divorce process. We will learn about you, your concerns, and your hopes for the future. Jeff will explain your options and the recommended course of action in your case. Most often, this will involve negotiating a settlement that is fair and resolves the outstanding issues in the most positive way possible. When the situation calls for tenacious trial litigation, however, we can fight to ensure that your needs are met. Throughout the legal process, we keep you informed of important developments and provide you with compassionate support should you have a need for it.

Protecting Your Rights Throughout Your Divorce

In your case, the goal of Jeff Gilbert Law Office will be to achieve a successful outcome that enables you to move forward in your life. We will place a priority on protecting your rights at all stages of the legal process. You will have the confidence of knowing that an experienced Angleton divorce attorney is on your side, working to help you achieve your goals.

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