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Real Property And Divorce In Texas

For many divorcing couples, the main asset of concern is their home. It represents a significant financial and emotional investment. However, there are many people across Texas with vacation homes and rental properties who wonder what will happen during divorce.

At , our lawyers answer the questions of people from Angleton and across Brazoria County facing divorce. Our clients are people with significant wealth and multiple properties who stand to lose a massive amount of value in divorce. We’re here to provide thorough, effective service to you.

What Is Not In The Marital Estate

One important thing to remember about your assets in marriage is that not everything you own is in the marital estate. In fact, there are many types of assets that fall outside of that and wouldn’t – in most cases – be part of the property division discussion. These assets include:

  • Money and savings from before the marriage
  • Investment accounts from before the marriage
  • Any real property purchased before the marriage
  • Any asset inherited only by one party in the marriage

If you inherited a family vacation home – even if you were married at the time – it is not part of the marital estate if you purchased an income-producing property before you married, while the property – and possibly the income it produces – is not part of the community property discussion.

Property Division Law Is Complex. Don’t Take Any Chances.

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