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How long do high-asset Texas divorces take?

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2024 | High-Net Worth Divorce

Individuals in high-asset marriages may have spent months or even years planning a wedding. The work needed to put together a successful wedding often requires professional planning support.

The same could be said of a high-asset divorce. Married couples share years of resources that they need to divide. They must address countless details about separating their lives and finances. It can take a lot of time to go from the end of a marriage to the final divorce decree. So how much time do high-asset divorces take in Texas?

Some divorces are more time-consuming than others

Texas law imposes a 60-day waiting period between when a spouse initially files paperwork requesting a divorce and when the courts can finalize the divorce. If a married couple facing a high-asset divorce has a valid prenuptial agreement, they might be able to complete their divorce in just over two months.

But couples with more assets to divide and a higher standard of living to protect can be more likely to fight over property division and financial support issues. Conflicts and disputes are time-consuming.

Plus, high-asset divorces typically involve more financial complexity. This can mean it takes longer to negotiate a mutually agreeable financial settlement. The couple may need to attend mediation or spend months working out property division compromises.

If they cannot agree and end up litigating, the divorce might take substantially longer than the average uncontested divorce proceedings in Texas.

How to feel better prepared

People need to prepare for the possibility that their divorce could take a year, or even longer if cooperation with their spouse is not possible. Learning about the factors that influence the timeline for a high-asset Texas divorce can help people feel better prepared for the process.