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With most criminal cases, you need a lawyer's help as soon as possible. Waiting to contact a defense attorney can be detrimental to your situation. 

Violating your probation

Any number of circumstances can occur, leaving you in a situation where you have violated your probation. While you may not immediately think to contact a lawyer, it is in your best interests to have someone representing you as soon as possible. Our attorney knows how to present your situation in an effective way so that you are likely to receive less of a punishment than if you were not represented by a lawyer. Attorney Jeff Gilbert will represent your interests for issues involving probation and probation violation.

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Securing bail bonds in Texas

If a loved one or family member is in jail and you are seeking a lawyer who can bail you out, Jeff Gilbert will assist you through this process. In situations where an individual is entitled to a bond, you need to have a defense attorney to bail you out. You can contact Jeff to learn more about bail bonds and how you can benefit from his services.

Let an experienced Angleton attorney handle the details

Securing a bail bond can detract from what you need to do, which is focus on defending yourself. An attorney can help you efficiently secure a bail bond and begin the process of defending your rights. Jeff Gilbert Law handles a wide range of criminal cases, including probation violation and bail bonds. We will immediately begin working on your case and provide objective advice about your situation. Do something about your situation by setting up a consultation with Jeff Gilbert today.