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Helping Texas Citizens Use Medicaid to Offset Nursing Home Expenses

Medicaid planning for nursing home care is a confusing and convoluted process. Jeff Gilbert Law Office attorneys can help guide you and work with you during this process. Medicaid laws are a combination of federal laws and state regulations that vary from state to state. It is nearly impossible to navigate these complexities without expert help.

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Texas Requirements

The core goal of the federal Medicaid program is the same across the nation, but specific eligibility requirements and application processes vary by state. Texas is a “cap” state, and applicants must meet four basic requirements to qualify for Medicaid. If you fail to understand even the basics of Medicaid eligibility, you could find your application denied.

Trust our team’s decades of experience to guide you through this often convoluted process.

The Benefit of Medicaid

The reward for successfully navigating the complexity of Medicaid is high. The average nursing home in a metropolitan, Texas city costs just under $60,000 per year. Any assistance you receive could save your family tens of thousands of dollars. Medicaid can be used toward these high costs, and our firm can help you receive this benefit.

Applying for Medicaid

The application process for Medicaid nursing home eligibility takes a lot of time. You’ll have numerous forms to fill out, and you must have everything in order. Take your time and be patient. Paying attention to the small details can save you money and time.

Our team can help you with this process. Many families rely on us to prepare and submit these applications.

Our attorneys can help you determine if you qualify for Medicaid. If you do, we will guide you through the application process, ensuring that everything is completed properly.

If you do not qualify, we can carefully assess your income. This information and many other factors can determine which steps can help you qualify in the future. Medicaid planning can be a complex process, but our attorneys have the experience to help you reach a solution.

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