Crimes aren't the end for Texas juveniles

If your son or daughter has been arrested for a juvenile crime, you're sure to have many questions that need to be answered. If your child has committed a crime, it doesn't have to be the end of that child's story. There are options and chances to live fruitful lives. 

Depending on your situation, you may be wondering about the consequences your child is facing or the impact any charges will have on their permanent criminal record.

As an experienced juvenile crime defense attorney, Jeff Gilbert handles a variety of juvenile criminal defense cases, including:

  • Misdemeanor charges
  • Drug distribution
  • Underage DWI
  • Zero tolerance policies
  • Search and seizure issues
  • Questioning by school officials

In many cases, we have helped juvenile offenders with undiagnosed psychiatric problems simply because we took the time to sit down and listen to them. By listening and helping them receive proper treatment, we have helped many clients avoid juvenile detention facilities and, most importantly, stay out of trouble in the future.

Defend your child's future with an attorney

The attorneys at the Jeff Gilbert Law Office understand how important it is to take the time to explain the available options so you and your child can make the best choice for your child's future.
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Working Effectively with School and Law Enforcement Officials

In many cases involving juvenile criminal defendants, parents often have questions about why school officials questioned their son or daughter before calling them first. Talking with school officials can be intimidating for many parents and it can be confusing when the education and juvenile justice systems collide.

When representing minors in criminal matters, Jeff's obligation is to represent the child. These cases can be difficult from a legal standpoint in terms of constitutional issues regarding search and the rights of underage defendants. During all the legal proceedings and work with other professionals, Jeff sees his role during these situations as providing a valuable service to the entire family during a crisis.

Solving Today's Problems for Tomorrow

Part of any comprehensive representation of juveniles must include a discussion and understanding of how juvenile records can affect your child's future. Wherever possible, our firm can help you and your child structure agreements with the prosecution that can lessen the future impact of criminal records. If a conviction is entered, Jeff can also work with you to file petitions to seal juvenile records. In all cases, the goal is to minimize the likelihood that a bad decision during childhood will follow your son or daughter for the rest of their life.

Juvenile Drug Crimes in Texas

Our lawyer handles a broad range of cases that involve marijuana, cocaine, prescription drugs, and other drug-related crimes involving:

  • Misdemeanor drug possession
  • Distribution
  • Drug sale
  • Drug charges in schools or on school grounds

In working with parents, Jeff Gilbert takes a particularly personalized approach to explaining the details of the charges and what options can be pursued. Given the breadth and depth of his experience, he has the resources to help his clients pursue a path that allows for recovery and lessens the damage that a conviction might otherwise carry. This includes working with the probation department and other rehabilitative services.

Domestic Assault and Other Juvenile Crimes

Domestic assault and abuse are grave offenses that can be punished harshly in the Texas juvenile system. This can range from verbal threatening of a family member to serious attacks involving weapons or other harmful objects. In addition to domestic assault, our firm handles juvenile defense cases involving:

  • Drug crimes
  • Criminal mischief
  • Theft

It is of the utmost importance that you have an experienced attorney representing your son or daughter throughout the legal process. As one of the most experienced juvenile defense lawyers in the area, Jeff Gilbert has the resources and skills needed to be successful in this area of law. He has worked with juvenile offenders with undiagnosed psychiatric problems and other mental health issues, and he has been able to identify these issues simply because he takes time to listen to his clients.

Juvenile Criminal Mischief Cases

If your child has been charged with a crime involving vandalism, breaking and entering, or any other crime involving property damage, he or she could face serious penalties. Once a juvenile record is established, there can be setbacks in your child's future that can cause significant strain and stress, especially when it comes time for your child to apply for jobs or college.

Juvenile Theft Defense Lawyer

Even small crimes such as theft can have a drastic effect on a juvenile's record. Being charged with stealing, theft, vandalism, or other property-related crimes can end up on your record into your adult years — making it difficult to get a job or get into certain colleges. Understanding the full dynamics of criminal charges that juvenile offenders face is key in reaching a favorable resolution.