Criminal charges require aggressive action

Those facing criminal accusations in Texas need aggressive representation from a skilled attorney. At the Law Office of Jeffrey R. Gilbert, P.C., we recognize that facing criminal charges takes a toll on your family and your job. Our firm undertakes a wide range of criminal cases, ranging from theft and drunk driving to murder.

Juveniles facing criminal charges

Texas defines juveniles as individuals ages 10 to 17. They come from different socio-economic backgrounds, but those charged with crimes at a young age may find themselves at the beginning of a cycle that could last a lifetime. 

This does not have to be so. The attorneys at Jeff Gilbert Law provide more than just a defense, they present options to break the cycle before it becomes one. Attorney Jeff Gilbert attempts to educate the juvenile defendant and helps them understand their current situation and understand this is not the end of the road for them. Children make mistakes, but you don't have to let it persist for the rest of their lives. Contact Jeff Gilbert today to set up an appointment that could alter the path of your child's life for the better.

Our criminal defense practice

If you value experienced representation from a criminal defense lawyer, choose to work with our firm. We handle cases involving:

Stand up for your rights with an attorney

Given defense attorney Jeff Gilbert's extensive experience, he knows when to expect challenges and how to overcome them with ease and efficiency. Let him stand up for your rights.
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An experienced defense lawyer on your side

As a former prosecutor and Special Judge in Harris County, firm founder Jeff Gilbert understands the procedures and trial strategies used by prosecutors. He knows how to challenge every aspect of the prosecution's case. From the gathering of evidence and interviewing witnesses, to examining police reports — he can provide a comprehensive defense of your rights. Regardless of the stage of your case, you can be assured that he and his legal staff will use their experience to help you defend your rights. Contact our office and put us on your side.