Your reputation doesn't have to follow you

Long after the event, an arrest or conviction can continue to haunt you. A mark on your record can limit your career options. A potential employer may think twice about hiring you. An arrest or conviction serves as an embarrassing reminder of something you put behind you long ago.

In many cases, people are able to clear their records by obtaining an expunction, approval of a petition for non-disclosure, or for juvenile crimes, sealing of a juvenile record.

How we help our clients

Attorney Jeff Gilbert can review your case and discuss your legal options. Depending on the specific circumstances of your case, these may include:

  • Expunction — results in the complete physical destruction of the police record and other court documents. Available only in cases where there was no charge filed, the charge was dismissed, or there was a not guilty verdict. Expunction is sometimes referred to as expungement in other states.
  • Petition for non-disclosure — available in most cases where there was a deferred adjudication. It prohibits the authorities from releasing any information about your case to people outside the justice system.
  • Sealing of a juvenile record — as the name implies, this prevents disclosure of any information about your case to people outside the justice system.

These options are not available in all cases.

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Complete record clearing services

If one of these is possible in your case, our firm can competently perform the legal services needed to forward your goal and truly put the past behind you.

In almost all cases involving these options, the client is not required to go to court. Our office can research the specific facts of your case, prepare the necessary documents, present them to the appropriate court, and follow up if needed.

Ensure your past stays there with an attorney

These actions require meticulous attention to all facets of your case. Contact our office, and in a few short months, you may be able to truthfully answer "no" to questions regarding prior convictions on job applications and other documents. Learn how our strategies may recover your reputation.