A different approach to settling disputes

Dealing with civil litigation and business disputes can be difficult and overwhelming. Our team has more than 21 years of courtroom experience in civil litigation.

Using our experience to benefit business clients

The founder of our firm, Jeff Gilbert, has extensive experience handling a variety of litigation matters. He spent nine years handling medical malpractice cases, has worked as legal counsel for major firms and large corporations, and received a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Baylor University.

Jeff started his professional career in banking and investments before going to law school. Because of this experience, our firm advises clients in business disputes with a legal and practical perspective. We use our experience to provide clients with professional counsel designed to help them meet their business objectives.

Seek an experienced courtroom advocate

Our extensive experience includes representing both plaintiffs and defendants in civil litigation matters ranging from medical malpractice to premises liability.
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Civil and family mediation

We understand the value of alternative dispute resolution. Mediation provides many advantages over traditional litigation. In mediation, the ultimate decision remains in your control, the process is often more cost effective, and it often allows for a quicker resolution.

As a licensed mediator, Jeff has completed the necessary mediation training to be qualified as a family law mediator. He has also mediated personal injury disputes, auto accidents disputes, will contests, and business disputes. Contact the Jeff Gilbert Law Office to set up a consultation through this site or by calling the firm.