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Surviving Valentine’s Day on the Brink of Divorce

6 Tips for Surviving Valentine’s Day If You’re Considering Divorce

While February is typically a month full of love for some, couples who may be on the edge of calling it quits may not feel the love this Valentine's Day. Learn how our team can help you survive the holiday without a fight.

1. Make it About Your Kids

If you and your partner share children, you could take this holiday to focus on your children. If you’ll soon be filing for divorce, this is a good opportunity to show your kids how much you love them before things start to change. Whether you work on a holiday craft, make a special snack, watch their favorite movie — or all of the above! Your children will enjoy spending this quality time with you, and it will help keep your mind off of your relationship woes.

2. Keep Your Mind Busy

Valentine’s Day can leave many separated couples feeling vulnerable and second-guessing their feelings on filing for divorce. Choosing to dissolve your marriage is a big decision, and you probably didn’t do it on a whim. Though the decision may have been tough, find comfort knowing that you had to make a decision that was best for you.


With that said — take Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to do something that you love. Whether that’s reading a book, getting creative, or talking to your friends or family members. Keeping your mind busy will help distract you from the festivities of the day.

3. Get Moving

One of the best ways to ease your mind is to get active. Even if that means going for a short walk, doing yoga, or any other physical activity that helps relieve stress. This is a healthy way to let your frustrations out without engaging in destructive behavior.

4. Stay Off Social Media

Real-life is often very different from what it looks like on social media — especially on Valentine’s Day. Instead of torturing yourself scrolling through photos of happy couples, consider logging off for the day.

5. Treat Valentine’s Day Like Any Other Day

If you feel that it’s in your best interest to avoid any holiday festivities, it may be best to avoid celebrating Valentine’s Day this year. For couples that are on the brink of divorce, celebrating a holiday focused on celebrating romantic love may feel too much. Whether you keep up with household chores, work, or other activities, consider keeping your schedule the same.

6. Gift Yourself Good Legal Representation

Even if you don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day — you still give yourself the gift of good legal representation to help you sort through your feelings on your pending divorce. Speaking with a lawyer sooner rather than later can help keep your case organized and moving forward promptly.

Preparing to Divorce

While you may have resolved to live a happier life by filing for divorce, the process may seem less thrilling once you’re in the middle of it. It’s essential to prepare the documents and information you need and prepare your support as well. Whether this means talking to your attorney or relying on your close friends and family members, having someone to talk to is vital.

If you and your spouse share children, now would be a good time to sit them down to talk about the changes that will be occurring. Whether that’s together as a family or separately, it’s important to make them feel unafraid and prepared for their new arrangements.

Skilled Brazoria County Family Law Attorneys in Brazoria County

Going through a divorce isn’t easy — and having a family law attorney defending you can prove vital. If you want to resolve your divorce quickly, it’s crucial to choose a skilled family lawyer in Texas to help.

Our family law attorneys at Jeff Gilbert Law Office will achieve a successful outcome that enables you to move forward in your life. You will have the confidence of knowing that an experienced Brazoria County divorce attorney is on your side, working to help you achieve your goals.

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